Siren Faeries by nighthawk101

Siren Faeries

by nighthawk101 in Fantasy

Imagine if you will, even if it's only for a minute, that the fantastical, mystical and magical does really exist. Now I know you're wondering, what is this image of? well you know when you've been hit on the head really hard and in some instances been knocked unconscious only to come around seeing stars while at the same time feeling really out of place like something or someone been been fucking with you? Well this is them, the knocked out Siren Faeries, and you'll never remember them as they get great joy from tormenting us at our weakest and take even further pleasure in wiping our memories clean so we never remember them, well until our next encounter where we're even more stunned to remember that we had forgotten.

Stock used:
Wings from
Model from
Eyes from
Fish tail and hair from
All other stock is from my own personal resources.

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