Large African skies by nighthawk101

Large African skies

by nighthawk101 in Realistic

The idea for this was inspired and influenced by the poster from the film "Fireflies in the garden".

Applications used: Adobe Photoshop
Time taken: 11 hours.

Thanks to the following people / stock accounts for the use of their stock images:
- Clouds from
- Mountains from
- Trees from, swillowness, .deviantart.comwolfc-stock,, and
- Model from
- All other stock is from my own personal resources.

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  • JurgenDoe


    Fantastic and very nice shot .. this is a really nice scene.

    Aug 2nd, 2011 Reply Subscriber
    • nighthawk101


      Thank you , but it's not a photograph. I wish I could have captured something so perfect on camera however it it only a photo manipulation.

      Aug 2nd, 2011 Reply
    • JurgenDoe


      Well it's still a wonderful and awesome work :)

      Aug 2nd, 2011 Reply Subscriber