Clockwork Orange by nighthawk101

Clockwork Orange

by nighthawk101 in surreal

The violent nature of humans always going to war and letting our inner demons of greed and lust drive us to the desolation of free will as a solution and justification for further evil and violence.

Stock used:
- Clouds from ~Kikii-stock [link]
- Main model from =CathleenTarawhiti [link]
- Second model is my own photographs and images recreating the model from ~FantomeAngel [link] as a reference due to a permission issue.
- Building from ^Elandria [link]
- goggles from ~insomnia-stock [link]
- Watch mechanism from *CAStock [link]
- watch from =HelenaRothStock [link]
- Snow from =wchild [link]
- All other stock is from my own personal resources or otherwise created by myself.

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