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Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi! I'm a South African designer, artist and hobby photographer living in Johannesburg.

I'm experienced with creating through the line advertising media; design, prepress and printing in advertising, publishing and packaging; html, css, javascript, hosting and Wordpress for websites; and creating personal artworks. My expertise are mostly self-taught acquired through years of experience; I’m self-motivating, forward-thinking and creative. I create my own distinctive aesthetic mark using Adobe Creative Cloud, a Wacom tablet and an Apple iMac.

My skills include concept, design, prepress and printing of retail and collateral media; including branding, corporate identities, in-store point of sale, large format printing and die cutting; colour and layout theory and psychology, an eye for mathematical composition and visual narratives, desktop publishing, artworking, photography, photo manipulation, illustration, digital painting, 3D modelling and website coding; Along with solving prepress, printing and IT technical issues.

My personal artworks have received awards and been showcased worldwide in different printed, digital and broadcasting media; This includes magazine features, television series and a gallery exhibition. These artworks redefine reality and stretch the limits of the imagination; Capturing the surreal beauty of strange objects, places and phrases in dream-like emotive images, conveying statements about literal interpretations and the conundrum of the human predicament.

I'm an enthusiast of all things creative and have a keen interest in computing, music, history, alternate lifestyles, liberal views, nature, science, technology and the cosmos. I enjoy whiling away my free time with reading, podcasts, documentaries, science fiction television series, travelling and volunteering my time to the Zooniverse projects.

Thank you for visiting and your comments are most welcome.