front done 1 by newa

front done 1

by newa in 3Ds

hay everyone
this was a concept i have made using ZBrush veryyyyy long time ago but i was lazy to make it finished plus i was at highschool so there wasnt time once the summer vacation started and i decided to make this concept a real complete design i used (blender) to make it
i think this is one of the very best thing i have ever made on my life since i have put on it allllllll my effort and skills
its not finished yet i am planing to put it in a cool scene and a nice pose
well actually i am planing to make it a short movie someday very soon xD and some real people will act on it (maybe i will be there ) so it will be something like ironman thing like some1 is actually gonna be inside of this suit

i cant actually tell how long i took on this coz i was making a part of it each day and some days i didnt want to work lol xD

i will still make another pic of this character from the back there is still some details there

program used: blender2.36 , photoshop
render program : cycles

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