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Boston, USA

"If you have passion for something why are you doing nothing about it? Just get up and do it!"
Former Co-Worker

I cried at work that day. . . . .

not from sadness . .
not from defeat . .
but from relief . .

I remember a while ago a co-worker asked me what I like to do. I answered that I feel most complete when holding a camera and showed him my portfolio. He gave me this raised eyebrow look and asked me why I was not going to photography school or working for a photographer? Why are you here? It was because of these questions that I stopped and thought about what it is that I want to do. And that was photography.

After that.
I cried.
I quit.
I picked up my camera.

During a dark time in my life, I was very torn about what I wanted to do with myself. I felt like there was no where for me to go. It was during this time that I found the camera. I was a painter and pencil artist; Because of the time it takes to transfer ideas onto canvas, by the time I finished I had lost interest and no longer saw the beauty- and that scared me. With photography I am able to see what is in my mind right away. The immediate satisfaction and realization of accomplishing something really drew me towards photography as a lifestyle.

Fashion Photography, its like placing pieces of a puzzle together. Something inside me clicks and I shoot. It is this freedom that compels me to pick up the camera.
I remember flipping through my first copy of VOGUE and being blown away by the creative, dreamy and striking spreads. Something as simple as a pastel clutch, when photographed the right way, can inspire its own little world. This is the world I want to show the viewers of my work.

"Life is not about how long you live, but by how you live with the time you have"

Ann L. Co