Amazon Fae Doodle by mynti

Amazon Fae Doodle

by mynti in Traditional Media

Just doodlin' again from memory. The first one that has turned out well in a while. (Memory doodlin' is hard!)

This one, I looked at an old stock photo on my harddisk by *vishstudio

which no longer seems to be available.. for about 20 minutes, and then immediately put pen to paper for an untimed few hours. (Probably around 3.)

The problem with this one is that I was so focused on accuracy with the girl, I forgot the background. Ah well. No one is perfect!

Ballpoint pen in my sketchbook.

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    this is great. pretty fae, it's probably not intended but has an evil feel to moi.
    tried painting a lost love ov mine from memory — using different techniques.. some worked better than others.. but she never lived up to the pretty of my nostalgia.
    what's your secret?

    Sep 3rd, 2013 Reply
  • CrimsonThrenody


    A wonderful piece. The details are fantastic!

    Aug 18th, 2011 Reply
  • gee231205


    This looks really good, I like the details you have included for the girl :)

    Aug 4th, 2011 Reply
  • leiko


    What a fun and useful activity! I want to try this, someday. I'd love to see if you progress, and are able to remember more of the image if you do this more often =) Please post more!

    Aug 3rd, 2011 Reply
    • mynti


      I already am... the first 20 or so I would not post, because I did not remember them quite so well.. but now, I am improving, and hopefully will continue. :D

      Aug 3rd, 2011 Reply
    • leiko


      Lol, awesome! You are so dedicated =)

      Aug 3rd, 2011 Reply