Photographer, Graphic Designer •

Lipa Batangas, Philippines

This profile contains artworks (done for my clients) and photographs which are all mine.

"Make Art. Not War. Art is Sharing. War is Killing."

To become a successful graphic designer is what I want my life would be. I want to work as a graphic designer not just to earn but also to create because this is what I love to do in my whole entire life. I have experiences in editing and designing invitations, flyers, brochure, business cards, logos, icons, headers and banners in Photoshop and Illustrator. I love doing photo manipulations too. I prefer Illustrator in vectoring images. I'm a freelance photographer too who loves travel photography, event photography and fashion photography. I love my prime lens. I believe that money doesn't just fall in your lap, you need to work hard for it so I will always do my very best to meet clients' satisfaction for their money not to be wasted.