Two Girls, One Dream by mks-7zdesigns

Two Girls, One Dream

by mks-7zdesigns in 2012


Fathom is proud to launch Exhibition II “Day Dreaming”.

Following a freestyle theme our respected artists have been working diligently to produce the highest quality work you

can find in the digital art world. Fathom has been a host of various international artists and art styles for quite some

time. In this release you will find many different mediums of art including digital, traditional, photography, and music.

This exhibition houses 22 outstanding pieces of art from many different artists. One particular artist Hjalmar Wåhlin, has been awarded 'Featured Artist' for his amazing contributions.

Created in Photoshop in collaboration with
-reference is by

Thanks to E-xample & Team Fathom for their help & support:

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