The Curse of Alkanoth Book Cover Finished by miyasia

The Curse of Alkanoth Book Cover Finished

by miyasia in Digital Work

This is the finished book cover for my Novella. I absolutely LOVE how it came out and can't wait to do the book cover for my next story.

To buy the book, you can visit, here:

A quick synopsis of the book and what it is about...

Far away, there lives a race of dragons who can change into human form... Born male, they have a lifetime to find one human female to be their mate... This is the story of the unfortunate events in one of these dragon's lives... They are hunted for their bones... hunted for their magic... There was no telling what would happen to dragons... But being cursed? That had never happened, before... and Alkanoth would fight dearly for his life.

So, come on a journey with me where a Dragon is cursed... a love is revealed... and a great evil intertwines the two and is determined to destroy them all...

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