Sober by missi-alicja

That was supposed to be mr Maynard of TOOL in cartoonish style. But but, things gone wild. Very wild, especially this glitter - what an idea by the way to put glitter on tools drawing - and watercolours... :/ And my own wishful thinking/drawing on how it all should look like, and in result hes not terribly similar... But... K end of excuses.

And that star of TOOL made me dizzy. I had to cheat drawing this. Too much for my simple mind.

And colour blue was choosen by SATTISH. I couldnt make the decision about colour, so I asked lil insignificant Munky for help. His wisdom found its perfect use there. Well deserved :cupcake for you my friend. :)


So I was digging internetzzz the other day for things, well for some scientific explanation of why people like Maynard so much, turning that almost into religion... I was close to mock them all, and then I found this........ Not sure anymore if I should mock myself along with others or... Or stop digging for things right in this place. Tho I wouldnt like to look a hypocrite... Oh well... No seriously, I still have no idea, but.... But.... Worthless liar... Eh... Sober?

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