one that is flying with swallows by missi-alicja

one that is flying with swallows

by missi-alicja in Traditional Art

Ok, I consider this thing finished.

Size of the piece is A3. Tools, I threw there almost everything I have: black ink, pencil, watercolours, ink pencils, coloured crayons, some of acrylics, and glitter. Thats sticked to the picture with silicone glue (I never thought that glitter can be so fluffy like a suede or something).

Originally this was supposed to be digital art. But... My tablet is dead. :cry: And I am about to give all my stuff for sale or open comisions if anyone will want. I live in damned 3rd world and my work wont let me earn money for new tablet. It barely covers the funds for food... :cry: Damn. But enough of this silly drama. There is good in all that situation - I enjoyed traditional ways of making this picture. :D

This was inspired by this music:
and this poetry:

I always wanted to draw this, and since first time I heard that song i saw Frederic floating in air etc etc with hair like from shampoo ad. :giggle: Awww...

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