Boba Fett by miketheartist

During the scene in "The Empire Strikes Back" right after Luke lands and the Bespin guards are following Fett to Slave I with Han, Luke sneaks up on the hallway junction, and Artoo comes up to him and bleeps. Fett comes around the corner almost immediately to blast at him. I hypothesized that Fett stopped right around the corner and allowed the guards and the Imperials to pass him by because he sensed something (being the bada$$ bounty hunter that he is), or knew that Luke was coming from that direction because of the conversation in the carbon freezing chamber. I wanted to capture that moment by recreating the Cloud City of Bespin around Vasquez & DevGear's wicked lines.

Pencils by Rudy Vasquez
Inks by James (Devgear)
Flats from Ludwig Olimba
Colors and additional scenery by Mike Kilgore

© Lucasfilm, LTD. and Boot to the Head Studios

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