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, Philippines

in the loss of Self, night never ends

Preoccupied in the collection of trivial information that's otherwise useless but at times quite useful.

From Paul G.'s introductory composition:

Robert is the penultimate quantum dreamer, whose Pinocchio-like imagination knows no bounds; yet a firm believer that anything imaginable can be done and realized. His vision brought forth unprecedented concepts such as Panaginip Project, Puresubstance Productions and Events, Encomium Cafe-Resto, Eco at Ako, and ActMind.

His Geppeto-esque nature compels him to execute with the impunity of a tyrant overlord, complemented by off-the-charts web ninja skillz and the wordsmithing precision of an ancient word-blade master craftsman.

Never have civilization and web-civ met a specimen like Robert, who is neither nor, either or—a totally familiar stranger, ready and able to get things dreamt and done.

Confused? Let him set it curvy straight.