Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Well hello there I guess I should tell you about myself so here it goes. I love to draw, always have, I love to write in fact I'm working on a story proyect. I love to read and mostly urban fantacy like Kelly Armstrong novels series Weman from the Otherworld and Darkest Powers. Of course I love the Harry Potter series by J.K Rolling. My only problem is I'm a bit...let's see...lazy? Um, yep that's it, I'm lazy for the writing, so I say good luck to meh. I love pop, pop-rock, love country, Reba being my fav. love, love Paramore. I do love Eminem, but he's the only rapper I actually like, weird...yea. I look very serious, but deep down I'm very goofy. Hope I get to meet cool artist here, tho. You can catch me on DeviantArt (mezle) and on Facebook (