Big, big moon (mosaic) by meegja

Big, big moon (mosaic)

by meegja in Photographs

I used to have a simple telescope with a simple camera and made some moon mosaics back then. I would take 1 shot of a part of the moon, then the next shot of another part, and so on. Then I would stitch all those parts together with a freeware program called AutoStitch. This resulted in 1 big photograph of over 10.000 pixels :) Ofcourse too big and unsharp, so bringing it down to this kind of sizes is giving the best result. I have 1 version of 4000 pixels and on that one I made a very cool video that is like flying to and over the moon. It can be seen on YouTube on (watch in high setting and full screen for best effect).

Also have a HD video of the moon, is liking flying to and over it :) See

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