An alien find by meegja

An alien find

by meegja in 3D Fractals

On day 12 of the Yellow Stream expedition, we got some very strange readings on the Geiger counter when we moved onto the glacier.
Like usual Bryson went ahead and moved towards the direction of the source ... we never did see him again.
We deployed the robotic scout to investigate. The readings it send back were confusing to say the least: we expected a normal raise but instead it suddenly jumped to 23.14 uSv/hr!! Like hitting a massive wall of radioactive radiation!
Bryson must have been killed instantly.
The scout is also down but it managed to send some data. This is the most clear shot even though the radiation was interfering.
What we have here is point of discussion all over the camp. Some speculate that it is of alien origin, others think that it might be an ancient civilization like Atlantis.
Fact is that the object must have been buried for around 650.000 years in the glacier before it came out and that it is in the centre of the radiation source or it is the source itself. We will continue to investigate even though our means for investigation are limited.

Object made in Quasz, render done in Bryce, postwork in PS. Story was just made up to fit the image :)

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