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, The Netherlands

Been making CGI art for over 10 years now. Started with Bryce and Poser. Lately doing a lot of 3D fractals with programs such as Jwildfire, Incendia, Mandelbulber and so on. Over the years I used multiple techniques to make my images. So I am not really holding on to 1 style or something. If there is 1 thing that is consistent, then that is the fact the a lot of my images do have 1 "focus point", they are not complicated, no busy layouts and so on.

Oh, and about the Following feature here: I Follow the art and/or artists I like, I do not follow because I am followed ;-)

Compilation of some of my fractal art. Made with Mandelbulber, JWildfire, Chaotica, Incendia and some other apps. Best viewed in full screen HD 1080. Music is from one of the best bands around at this moment (I think) called Karnivool. Song is called Eidolon.