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, The Netherlands

Been making CGI art for over 10 years now. Started with Bryce and Poser. Lately doing a lot of 3D fractals with programs such as Jwildfire, Incendia, Mandelbulber and so on. Over the years I used multiple techniques to make my images. So I am not really holding on to 1 style or something. If there is 1 thing that is consistent, then that is the fact the a lot of my images do have 1 "focus point", they are not complicated, no busy layouts and so on.

Oh, and about the Following feature here: I Follow the art and/or artists I like, I do not follow because I am followed ;-)

A slow fractal animation. First 4 scenes were made with Chaotica, last 3D scene with Mandelbulber. For best result watch in 720p HD. Music: TheEnd by Styphene G.