A New Day - ACEO by mayumi

A New Day - ACEO

by mayumi in ACEO

A New Day   ~Author Unknown

This is the beginning of a new day.
I have been given this day to use as I will.

I can waste it, or use it.
I can make it a day long to be remembered for its joy,
its beauty and its achievements,
or it can be filled with pettiness.

What I do today is important because
I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

When tomorrow comes this day will be gone forever,
but I shall hold something which I have traded for it.

It may be no more than a memory, 
but if it is a worthy one
I shall not regret the price.

I want it to be gain not loss,
good not evil, success not failure.


This is an ACEO - Art Cards, Editions and Originals.
These collectible miniature artworks measure 2.5 X 3.5 inches,
which is the size of a standard sports trading cards.

reference: http://stock-cursedmind.deviantart.com/

2.5X3.5 Strathmore Bristol Smooth
2B 0.5mm mechanical pencil
2H, F & HB pencils

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