FOR SALE. CUSTOMIZABLE (for D.A.C.S united) by martindediego


by martindediego in works 2011

Something different this time.
This is a collab with my team mate Liran Szeiman for DACS (Designers Against Child Slavery) "Episodes"

We had to choose an "episode" from the 3 offered, so we choosed the 2nd, "enslavement" that was depicted as:

"Enslavement - Artists illustrating the Enslavement episode, will create a piece that reflects a girls life being sexually abused in the brothels, forced to have abortions, and being beaten.
Key concepts for a Enslavement centered piece- Beating, isolation, abuse, sexual perversion,
loss of innocence, abortions, hopelessness, lack of love."

But with also a bit of the first "episode", "Coercion" Cause she is being offered like in a catalogue and the concept is that she is being sold.

We liked the idea of the old "paper dolls" were you have to cut the clothes to wear the doll, having a lot of stuff surrounding her, allwais being childish, innocent and naif, and how it allow us to express the concept of a broken innocence and a stolen life, twisting the innocent "paper doll" game in a explicit pedophile sex catalogue with all the pain of a hard life experience but keeping the childish iconography and spirit.

Well, hope you like it and does not hurt you much.

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