Between two souls... by maria-amore

Between two souls...

by maria-amore in Souls and shadows

From client shoot , enjoy viewing .

I have forgotten so many things in life, yet i can remember every moment of that time with my mother, the people we saw, the things we discussed. it was so ordinary in so many ways, but as she said, you can find something truly important in an ordinary minute. you may think me crazy, that i imagined the whole thing. but i believe this in the deepest part of my soul: my mother, somewhere between this world and the next, gave me one more day, the day i'd wanted so badly, and she told me all that i've told you. and if my mother said it, i believe it. "what causes an echo?" she once quizzed me. the persistence of sound after the source has stopped. "when can you hear an echo?" when it's quiet and other sounds are absorbed. when it's quiet, i can hear my mother's echo still.--For One More Day (Mitch Albom)

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