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, Australia


An artist with a heart.

HI i am maria-amore', freelance photographer by day, graphics artist by night, loves marshmallows, of iced coffee days, loves the beach, my back pack, and on a roadtrip most of the time with luciana mah camera.

I am so lucky to have found this beautiful site through my newly found friend, full of amazing people and artists.

I so love this place , it has given me the chance to be who and what i am and so with my new found friends who inspired me more with their works and beautiful heart.

NOW SHOWING :-) All photographs by : Maria-Amore' unless otherwise noted.
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  • artistJo


    Wow, your gallery's so overwhelming with awesomeness!

    Mar 25th Reply
  • Pistis


    Thank you for the follow :)

    Dec 2nd Reply
  • ReimerH
  • terrence
  • AmeerKhoury
  • Kasim


    thanks for the follow.

    Sep 23rd Reply
  • lorenzcruz


    thank you for the follow. :)

    Sep 16th Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    Thanks so much for the fave on

    Sep 14th Reply Shadowness Staff


    Sep 1st Reply


      helloe, i wanted to practice being a japanese smartass right now but instead i'm trying this:
      dili ko makakaon.
      sakit ang akong ulo.
      dili ko makatulog.
      nasalaag ko.
      Kumusta ka? — you certainly deserved a gift from me, and i recall you envoking people to paint something for you, if that is correct :3
      so i will now take a little, well deserved time off and shift paradigms to do your tribute next, away from my current poisons.. and yours gonna be a special page in chapter 1 of ∆TOW.
      wish i could join you on your travel one day.. maybe i already do right now hehe.
      dad-a ko sa jukai, palihug.

      Sep 9th Reply
    • maria-amore


      hahaha!!! where did you learn the dialect?its bisaya dong lols..but im not from cebu. and wow what are you going to paint?surely its gonna be awesome

      Sep 10th Reply


      never learned a thing.. just an abandoned, lonely childe in possession of a bound copy of the 'diary of abdul alhazred' haha jk. i'm a nerd that grew up with the internet instead of parents :3
      well, your painting will be an hommage to another, quite olde painting. want to draw it, photomanip a lot and then paint over it and finally make it my first vector|vexel image :}
      haven't dreamt for æons, but electroenzephalogram showed when i close my eyes and remember i got the theta-waves of a child in rem-phasis or a coma-patient so, i guess staring at my eyelids and recalling last night should do the job.
      you certainly had a glimpse of what is left of my sanity and right now i am quite psychotic? but i still know that magick is only a trick of the mind made only possible by the power of strong will. yet i really do believe there is something of that in what i capture and what i feel is intense.. sadly, it seems all i touch is cursed and corrupted or about to become so.
      so, feel free to do with the original file as you please, but for your own sake, if you want to sell it make someone else do it, haha — as i never want to touch you, as wickedly tempting you may be.
      my beloved1 seems to be the only1 immune to these mathemagicks ov m1ne.
      HA, now i've got you hooked

      Sep 10th Reply
    • maria-amore


      never learned a thing ? but your words so deep and intense that i want to bleed mind is still processing everything..anyway you will really excel in writing ..anyways did you had a Electroencephalography? i am always curious with what will the patient undergoing as such feels whenever he/she goes such procedure. and i hope you are ok todai.

      no worries i wont sell your painting hahaha, i am just excited to see it as soon as you're done wit it mah friend.

      Sep 10th Reply


      well i just picked what i like and then moved on, short attention span and stuff haha.. thank you for such lovely words but be careful what you wish for.
      that sentence was so pretty i didn't even want to read it again

      underwent a lot of medical procedures and i am still in contact with an army of doctors but you don't need to worry, as i don't worry myself.
      actually the reason i am leaving is another doctor i am contacting
      and EEGs are fun, id like to do such thing more often.. only the headache is causing me trouble.
      enjoy your night ♥

      Sep 10th Reply
    • maria-amore


      why what did i wish? i wish for a money today lmaooo...have a nice day mah friend

      Sep 10th Reply


      i shall grant you yours. ♥ be safe, hun — and take care. miss you

      Sep 22nd Reply
    • maria-amore


      Wheres my painting ron?

      Apr 3rd Reply


      MARIA! i missed you.. and i almost forgot.. currently i am unable to work digitally but i'm working on more traditional stuff nao.. so, hopefully soon you'll see some

      Apr 4th Reply
  • EarthHart


    Thank'ee kindly, m'deer for the favour you's granted me work
    It's muchly appreciated

    Aug 2nd Reply Respect & Responsibility