Tintin in Tchernobyl by maidith

Tintin in Tchernobyl

by maidith in Digital illustration

Tribute to the world`s most badass reporter!

Or, rather: to the world`s most badass sailor and his reporter sidekick! Because we all know that Captain Haddock is the real star of the series, isn`t he?

Like many Europeans, I grew up with the #1 Belgian comic series by artist/author Hergé (started reading the inherited-from-Dad albums when I was 8 years old) but it was the movie that put me in full fangirl mode about one month ago. (Even though the comics are much better.)

This fanart was the perfect excuse for me to get outside my comfort zone. Tough guys with guns and run-down communist architecture are very unusual subjects for me (and so is fanart!). It is my belief that every artist needs to get outside their comfort zone sometimes if they want to improve and evolve. I`ve also wondered how those guys would look like in my own painting style.
And yes, I know that Captain Haddock would rather swear off whisky than pulling a James Bond pose!

Medium: Photoshop and Wacom tablet, as always
Time: about 20-30 hours

art blog: http://kristinagehrmann.tumblr.com/

You can even follow me on Twitter. http://twitter.com/Maidith

And, of course, facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristina-Gehrmann-Illustration/217959828256642 :D

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