The Farewell of King Boabdil at Granada by maidith

The Farewell of King Boabdil at Granada

by maidith in Digital illustration

© Kristina Gehrmann
My interpretation of King Muhammad XII who in 1492 was forced to leave his town of Granada to the Spanish who conquered it during their Reconquista.

Farewell, ye coral caves, ye pearly sands,
Ye waving woods that crown yon lofty steep;
Farewell, ye Nereides of the glitt'ring deep,
Ye mountain tribes, ye fawns, ye sylvan bands:
On the bleak rock your frantic minstrel stands,
Each task forgot, save that, to sigh and weep;
In vain the strings her burning fingers sweep,
No more her touch, the Grecian Lyre commands!
In Circe's cave my faithless Phaon's laid,
Her daemons dress his brow with opiate flow'rs;
Or, loit'ring in the brown pomgranate shade,
Beguile with am'rous strains the fateful hours;
While Sappho's lips, to paly ashes fade,
And sorrow's cank'ring worm her heart devours!

Poem by Mary Darby Robinson (1758-1800)

Media: Photoshop, wacom tablet.

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