Worming Portraits #63 by m-photodesign

Worming Portraits #63

by m-photodesign in Worming Portraits

The idea for this type of design produced in 2006. After a long creative break, I wanted to make some "abstract" build, but had no idea for composing! Sometimes the head is so full of ideas that this is just another in the way, so that one sometimes has to take a break!

The idea for the series "Worming-Portraits" was on the road. She was lying on the street! A seemingly hundreds of times over roadkill piece of silver paper, which looked to me like a funny worm with a large head and tail. Actually, something nondescript, but I did not go out of my head, as the paper was deformed so that it looked like a "worm". For fun I then after a few days this worm just once drawn in Illustrator, and once tried what you can do with it perhaps. This resulted in numerous, time-consuming and beautiful work.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS - Buy this Art on high quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper and mounted between high quality acrylic glass and a solid aluminium backing. With Certificate of Authenticity.


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