Our Darker Purpose by logartis

Our Darker Purpose

by logartis in Digital paintings

Our Darker Purpose is a top-down, rogue-like action RPG that combines the ingenuity of genre-defining classics with the expansiveness and accessibility of modern day action adventure games. To find out more about the game or maybe show your support, please take a look at the KickStarter http://goo.gl/iiQur project page.

Workflow steps: http://fav.me/d66xp4s

My task was to illustrate and animate the title screen for the game. This included designing the building of the orphanage and the environment around it, as well as the logo. The animation and other details can be found on my behance account: http://goo.gl/IExdP

My facebook: http://www.facebook.com/logartis.info
My behance: http://www.behance.net/logartis
My website: http://www.logartis.info

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