Fine Arts •

Hello! I am a literature major and student of fine arts, concentrating on charcol, pastel, and watercolor. Human anatomy blended with artistry is my mission in art, as is to heal, create awareness, and stir emotion and memory. I will always tell you what materials I used, my mission of the piece, and a little story behind it if I feel that it is important. :) Sometimes my work can be up-close and personal, but it is meant to inspire, not offend.

Main inspirations right now are magic realism, urban fantasy, Charles De Lint, John Keats, John Jude Palencar, Michael Parks, Ray Bradbury, Walt Whitman, Lord Byron, C.S. Lewis, Harry Potter series, Leonardo Da Vinci's anatomical studies and human gestures, gesture drawing, life drawing, and the female body. Peace, and enjoy!

Age: 24
Birthplace: Germany
Current Residence: USA
Astrology Sign: Pisces
Current Degrees: Associate of Arts, magma cum laude; Associate of Baccalaureate Studies: english Literature; Certificate of International Studies