Farruca by lightrainbow


by lightrainbow in Flamenco

“Una gitana en su cueva
alegremente bailaba
y al compás de una farruca
que su gitano le cantaba”
Rufino de Paterna, Paterna de la Ribera (Cádiz) 1938

This drawing I made as a birthday present for my best flamenco teacher Svetlana Savelyeva, who inspires me every day and is still doing. In my opinion this image, style of flamenco farruca suits her a lot and wildly opens her character. Her lessons are such pleasure every time. She's wonderful teacher and person herself and I'm so glad that met her two years ago and is still living in the world of flamenco together. Muchas gracias por todo!

Graphite pencils, white pastel on toned pastel paper.
Size: 24x32 cm.

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