street fighter x murekkep by leight

street fighter x murekkep

by leight in Doodles

"MUREKKEP" is Turkish for "INK"

Streetfighter characters are not mine. :)

Finally. After a very long time, I was able to finish this
masterpiece! My boss was right all along when he told
me that it was going to eat up a lot of my time but i can
say, it's all worth it. Though now, I know how to price
this kind of artworks. Yes,, this is the first time I made a
very detailed artwork this huge.

and yes, this is a commissioned artwork.

Client: Murekkep Advertising Agency
Website: [link] (very nice website)
Country: Turkey
Size: 55 x 70 cm

Process took more than 144 hours including everything:
research, sketching, revising, tracing, cleaning, cover shots,
scanning, digital cleaning, coloring, saving, preparation for
uploading and payment processes.

here's a sneak peak.. [link] hahaha!

Don't worry, i'll be posting the rough drawing
soon so watch out for it.

Good day!

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