R8 2009 by laggtastic

First a notice: This might be the LAST car drawing for pretty a while. You may wonder why, I understand. Well that's because soon my new education starts, and I want to focus on that to expand my abilities as artist, but also 3D. Don't worry, I don't stop drawing at all!:):) I just expand the range of subjects, to make advantage on my education:)

This is a tribute to my own other R8 drawing, because of the many views it has reached, and I have to thank you all for that! So, this drawing is a little "celebration" of it:)

In that drawing, it was the first time with background. Now, this was the first time I did a COLOURED background=)

I hope you like it, excuse me for the mistakes here and there, but I am not a human printer, I'm just a student which likes to draw some:)

Comments are MOST welcome!:D

Time: About 62 hours
Tools: French curve, ruler, eraser, eraserstick, blenders
Graphite Pencils: 2H, 2B mech.
Colourpencils (many colours^^)=)

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