Lightshow on road by laggtastic

Lightshow on road

by laggtastic in Photography was not a lightshow haha...
I live next to a "big" road, where also these big boys drive when its midnight.
Sometimes I see these, and pretty recently finally managed to get some shots.
Unfortunatly my camera isnt that good, and also there are pretty much signs and so, so Im sorry that those are also on the shot.

I was lucky with this one...with EVERY movement I make with the cam, it gets blurry,
especially when its dark. When this truck was through a difficult part, he had to wait for the others. So, I grabbed my chance and got this shot.

I think the different colours of light, and the darkness, look pretty cool,
and is totally different style compared to my other photography.
I decided to share it with you=)

Comments welcome!

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