Of to-do-lists and migraines by kuschelirmel

Of to-do-lists and migraines

by kuschelirmel in Photomanipulation

This one is highly conceptual. It speaks of the times when you seem to have more to-do lists (tags in the image) than fingers and toes combined and the biggest portion seems to be flagged as "utmost important" (signified by the glowing gems). You even start to look stressed out and your headache has developed into a migraine (orb + lightning) that you can't seem to control no matter how much aspirin you take. You are already bent over backwards to cope and still you can see the water rising with your help sign drowned out along the way...

Stock from ChristopherMurrStock.deviantart.com, deathofsphinx.deviantart.com, saturnstock.deviantart.com, Rae134.deviantart.com, Sassy-Stock.deviantart.com, silenced-revelation.deviantart.com, digital-nexus.deviantart.com, FrostBo.deviantart.com, darkrose42-stock.deviantart.com, sxc.hu and my own textures

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