sweet dream lullaby by kuraiaku

sweet dream lullaby

by kuraiaku in Personal Works

What are you fighting for?
" I fight for peace. "
" I fight for the future. "
" I fight for the sake of humanity. "
" I fight for the one I love. "
" I fight for others. "
... " What am I fighting for...? "

So many men fighting for their own reason in war,
with their own dreams, but they just slaughter each other
over their own dreams, so many bloodshed
so many dreams remains as a dream
Men will only fight when they're still alive
Live in war is a nightmare...

So sleep well,,, whose soul has lived in nightmare of war,
In the end of time, when nobody remains alive
this will be your last dream, a sweet one...
guided your soul with this melody of lullaby...

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