digital artist • www.gergopocsai.com

, Hungary

I am Gergő Pocsai, (also known as KLS) a young, self-taught digital artist and graphic designer, hailing from East Hungary.
My career started when I began experimenting with Photoshop in early 2006. Since starting I have explored many facets and techniques as a designer such as photomanipulation, typography and illustration. My passion for design and being creative has lead me to opportunities in online art collectives and working with some of the best designers from around the world.
I have been working professionally as a freelance designer since 2011 and I am a member of the Hungarian digital art collective known as PDF Krew. We have been featured in top design blogs and websites and we have won three rounds of Run Your Jewels, which is a remix competition created by the depthCORE collective.

I’m a proud member of EvokeOne, PDF Krew & Artjunks.

I am available for freelance projects and other design projects so please feel free to contact me.