Solar Roofs by kire

Solar Roofs

by kire in Matte Paintings

The solar roofs are contructed to face the sun of their system at least 22 hours a day to maximize energy extraction. For scientists the platforms have also proven to be a valuable environment for new exotic lifeforms in flora and fauna because of the extreme tropical climate conditions. Over the years the roofs have also attracted millions of tourists, creating new metropolises much as New York City and Las Vegas in the 21st century.


To create this work I used some of my shots taken on my trip to Miami (mostly those from the plane), so you could probably find parts of Florida in there. The planet was done with the 3D functions in Photoshop. I'm slowly starting to get the hang of that, although it's working really slowly and the quality it produces could be better. For parts of the planet texture I have to give the Nasa archives some credit. Other than that it's the usual matte painting techniques which bring the whole thing together.

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