One Eyed Dragon by khavinsky

One Eyed Dragon

by khavinsky in Prints of Japan

Statue of Date Masamune

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  • HillbillyDeluxe

    HillbillyDeluxe of Japan's more forward thinking samurai/damiyo.

    Nov 6th, 2012 Reply
  • Wroth


    That lens has a frick'n sweet looking flare on the sun, heh.

    I've seen some of these sorts of samurai statues in bronze, the ones with dramatic sort of Baroque energy and movement off the pedestal absolutely tickle my fancy.

    Jul 26th, 2011 Reply
    • khavinsky


      It was a star filter! Love those things, I used to have over 1000 filters, mostly just for fun, but whenever I get the chance I'll bust out a silly filter.

      Jul 28th, 2011 Reply
  • snowmask


    I have never seen this before. Love those turquoise edgings.

    Jul 26th, 2011 Reply