Nobi o suru by khavinsky

Nobi o suru

by khavinsky in Photographic Printing

This image felt like a freight train when I made it. The original image doesn't have much to see, however certain elements felt they needed elaborated. The original print was a shot of the Montreal metro at Peel station. They had an image of a fire, and a lady repeated. So yes, you can probably see in your head not much going on. I started going through some stock and decided to add catastrophe. Not for context, just to make it appear more interesting. So I added two prints overlayed with dye on top of the original which was converted from black and white to color chemistry. After that print I felt it still needed something more. Again, the freight train. So I added a print of a lake shore. No idea why, just felt right. Afterwards I felt the scene needed some grounding, so I layered in a photo of some chairs from the very same metro system, different station in Montreal. Afterward, it felt normal, so I thought it was finished. After washing the last print, it looked too matted, so I added a varnish of oil medium mixed with wax, and this is what you get.

For me it was a freight train, I accomplished this print in one night with no direction or real intentions. It's the basis of what I used to do, going along for the ride and seeing what my hands could do when disconnected from reason. I still don't see much, although the original catastrophe theme still seems relevant in a way.

Thank you for taking a look, let me know what you think, I love feedback on these old images I made. :)

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  • Jinchilla


    now that i work together with a lot of printers, i can understand what u've done with this image :)

    its so interesting to see how u use your knowledge in a creative way. our printers here seem to be completely uncreative compared to your ideas

    Jun 14th, 2011 Reply
  • Dynnnad


    This is a beautiful piece, the effort you put into your work is phenomenal, as are the results of it!

    May 28th, 2011 Reply
  • kolaboy


    Keith, I think it's great. And I enjoyed reading about the process and all that was involved in it's creation ;)

    May 22nd, 2011 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    I like the movement in this photo .. had to read first what kind work you did with it and I'm glad I did so I can understand this shot .. had no clue that you go trough so much work to get this kinda work together !

    May 21st, 2011 Reply Subscriber
    • khavinsky


      Thank you Jurgen. It's not much work, mostly messing around, if I put up all the stuff that didn't work out, than it would be a bit overwhelming, considering my success rate with experimenting was about 10% or worse.

      May 21st, 2011 Reply
  • snowmask


    It really blows that most people can look at this and have absolutely NO IDEA what kind of effort you put into the process. That and if they don't read...

    I always see differently than what you intended... or didn't intend at all. There's obviously a vintage quality to this and yet everything jumps out with stark clarity. Like the dawning of quiet horror, while the sensation of a dream melts away faster and faster; wheels of reality turning in motion.

    May 20th, 2011 Reply
    • khavinsky


      It doesn't matter how long it took, dude. Just fun, or it was just for fun. I would love to get this as another print, though it probably wouldn't be clear enough. Blergh.

      May 21st, 2011 Reply