Freelance artist, Art teacher •

Denver area, USA

I'm a twenty-something stumbling through the art world. I love drawing original characters (mine and others'), pinups, and flowy hair. I am partially colorblind. I use digital, traditional, and experimental media.

I am a project manager and teacher for Reach Studio, an outreach program of RedLine in Denver which facilitates art-making and gallery exhibitions for homeless and underprivileged artists.

I also tutor ESL students in English composition and art history.

I use Tumblr like a fiend, constantly dumping sketches and joke-doodles on it.

I'm originally from Texas and I type (at about 180wpm) like I talk. Expect a lot of dropped G's, "ain't," and 'honey, darlin', baby, sugar, doll, sweetie' name-callin' nonsense.