Srikandi by kamajaya


by kamajaya in Kamajaya

Srikandi (Sanskrit: शिकण्ढी; Śikhaṇḍī) is one of the daughter of King Drupada with Gandawati Goddess of the Kingdom of Panchala which appears in the epic tale of India, the Mahabharata. She is an incarnation of Goddess Amba killed by arrows Bhishma. In the Mahabharata she is described born as a woman , but she was brought up as a male in puppet version of Java (Wayang).In Javanese puppet she is told to marry Arjuna and this is very much difference when compared to the story India version of the Mahabharata.

Because I am an Indonesian so I drew by version of the Javanese Wayang

Here pic the Srikandi in Javanese Wayang :

and here the Wayang Orang version : (actually she is Miss Indonesia in Srikandi costume hehehe :3)

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