Transparent Armor by kamaco

Transparent Armor

by kamaco in Photoshop

You know when you get something to do and it takes a shitload of time to finish it ... is what happened in this assembly. Honestly, I was thinking of doing an angel with this picture, but it happened. I'm not complaining, I just thought I could get better ... but life is like that! The result was great, that's what matters.

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  • Submitted:Jan 17th, 2013
  • Resolution:571x800
  • Date Created:Jan 17th, 2013
  • Filesize:238 KB
  • Camera:NIKON D300
  • Exposure:10/5000
  • Aperture:f/2.0
  • Focal Length:85mm
  • ISO Speed:200
  • Software:Adobe Photoshop CS3
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