Anubis by kaaaay


by kaaaay in Photomanipulations

Anubis, god of the embalmers and protector of the deceased, according to a later version of the Osirismyth, he was born as the son of Osiris and his sister Nephthys.
However, he was raised by Nephthys sister, Isis. Anubis later became her guardian and companion.

At the same time Seth killed his brother Osiris, dismembered his body and scattered them all over Egypt. By Isis he gathered up the body parts of Osiris, put it back together when he first conducted an embalming and mummification. Then he performed the opening of the mouth ceremony to revive his dead.

After Osiris became the lord of the realm of the dead, Anubis was the judge, who weighed the heart against the feather of truth in the Hall of Maat. Then he escorted the dead to the underworld.


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