Photographer, artist •

Long Beach, USA

I have been in the photography industry for few years, mostly landscapes or fine art. I've recently started using my artistic vision to do what I love, Glamor. I have seen the many changes and trends in photography from film to digital, followed closely by the change to Photoshop from traditional retouching. I have seen many fads and styles come and go including the Glamor genre which is why I've developed my own style recently and am working hard to forge a new path into contemporary portrait mixing the majesty of Mother Nature and every day uniqueness most of us miss.

I have been in awe and fascination of technology and advancement; at the same time eager to learn and vanquish my uncertainty of the unknown all whilst experiencing the joy of photographing.

Photographs are each frozen moments, and when you look into them they become stories. Full of emotion and full of life like the essence captured in a mystical bottle. Photography stirs emotion. I simply enhance what nature provides.

They are quiet, tattered, forgotten, emotional, beautiful.

I felt it appropriate to name my company Journi Roe Photography after my personal epiphany and the metaphor it represented.

My greatest passion as a photographer and artist is to create imagery that will stir something up in your soul. I want to evoke a dormant memory, or relay a lingering message.

I believe that imagery can be therapeutic to the ill, can inspire the uninspired, spark heart-searing passion, and can save the lost. I believe that because it has done that for me, on all accounts.

Sharing my journey with others, and them with me, is simply a bonus as I walk down my row.

I invite you to step inside my world of visionary artistry and beauty.