tiffany the zombie slayer by josephsweet

tiffany the zombie slayer

by josephsweet in 3d

All I remember about this is that I painted the underwear on in photoshop post render and there was a bunch of post work. below is the stuff I had in the description on Deviant Art.
Locked outside of the school gymnasium, Tiffany wished for the third time today that the rest of her squad hadn't been eaten less than 48 hours ago. Then there were the chess club geeks that had died the day before that. They were nerds and they stared a lot, but they were half way decent at killing zombies.
shaking slightly, she did the only thing she knew that would help calm her nerves and get her ready to kill, "Gimme a Z... Gimme an A... Wait, how do you spell zombie?.. Ahh screw it... Die zombie die!!!"

Notes: I was originally going to do a pose similar to this, but had no intention of doing an "upskirt" shot. But they turn my girlfriend on, so what the hell. it was actually her asking if I was going to do it that gave me the idea.
Oh and this was inspired by a comic book cover I saw recently as you'll see there is no similarity to that. I just though it would be fun to make a scene with a cheerleader about to kick some zombie butt. And I had the idea while looking at that. So i wanted to give credit for the inspiration.

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