tahawus   039 by by josephsweet

tahawus 039 by

by josephsweet in photography

Took this shot in tahawus. An old ghost town in Essex County, New York.

If you look across at the section of building visible on the other side, you'll notice that it's suspended quite a ways of the ground, but by what? The posts that had been holding that up are gone. It was right after this picture that I realized that the section I was in could be equally unsafe and capable of collapsing at any moment. I very cautiously and calmly removed myself from the building. From the path though, you don't see the drop off just behind the house, and everything to either side is so overgrown with bushes and grass that you would have no way of knowing that only half the house was on solid ground. But there were many times on that trip that I was probably lucky not to have been killed going in and out of half collapsed old houses.

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