last one standing by josephsweet

last one standing

by josephsweet in 3d

Did this a few days ago.
I almost didn't upload it because I had asked for a refund for the weapons she's holding because I found out the site was selling remakes of video game props. So I don't have that machete and hand gun anymore, but I put time into this render and their mistakes are not my problem.
The only free resource in the whole image is the city in the background which I only used as a silhouette. That is the still currently free distopian city blocks from daz 3d. The sky is my own sunrise photography. I took the trans map from Smay's torn jeans which I got with the hyde character and altered it to fit a cheap pair of old Aiko 3 jeans. I did that because the smay jeans, although everything fits the genesis figure, have a non-removable crotch bulge which just doesn't look right on a female character.

I figure she's lost her whole group and is ankle-deep in undead that she just finished taking out. Partially inspired by a scene in an upcoming book of mine.
In the story, the woman is depressed and suicidal, but each time danger presents itself, in spite of overwhelming odds, survival instinct brings her out of it alive and well. With each time bringing more risk and her coming out relatively unscathed despite her recklessness, she is beginning to think that she is in hell, being punished for something she doesn't remember or understand. Her luck will eventually run out, but that may just be the start of a whole new level of bad.

Okay, enough blabbing from me for now. Hope you enjoy it.

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