dc 1-4 H cover final by josephsweet

dc 1-4 H cover final

by josephsweet in Book Covers

I believe this is going to be the final version of the collectors edition hardcover case wrap cover for Damnation Chronicles books one through four. All four novels currently out in one book. The complete story of Marcus and Rose... so far. I made and used my own leather texture for this one, like one of the other two. Couldn't be sure on the usability of the first one so I'm getting rid it.
The fire is also my own photography. The rest is either done in editing or 3d rendering using purchased stuff from daz 3d and other places.Except for Rose's shirt,which was an evil innocence freebie from runtimedna.com Oh and Marcus's sword which was from archive3d.
Please give any critique, feedback, etc, that you can before it goes live. I don't have a date for that yet

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