Damnation Chronicles: samael by josephsweet

Damnation Chronicles: samael

by josephsweet in 3d

A poster for Samael, a character from The series of novels, The Damnation Chronicles, who is at times, a villain, and at others a sort of anti-hero.

Samael was an Archangel of death, overseer of legions of reapers, maintaining a balance on many worlds until he fell for Lilith. Then, for the first moment in a span of time going back farther than the feeble capacity of human minds to calculate, this being who decided the fates of billions per seconds - could grant life, death, pleasure or pain in a touch - had felt emotion. And for his purpose in the universe, it had ruined him.

His unknowing corruption of Lilith was so complete, and she so destructive, that for that and his shirking of duties which had threatened to throw the universe into chaos, the council ordered his brethren to take Lilith from him and she was imprisoned somewhere beyond his ability to see.

But his brothers and sisters greatly under-estimated his love for her and his capacity for vengeance. One by one, with an eventual legion of followers, he wiped the council and much that they had built nearly out of existence. But, for all of his trouble, he was never able to find her.

Each of the eyes on his chest, arms, and back represent the souls of those who were too powerful to be contained in even the harshest levels of the underworld. There they remain, trapped within him, giving him power until all of the energy which comprises them is used up and they fade from existence forever. Cut off from the steady flow of energy which once gave him his strength, he has corrupted his purpose and now traps those who cross him to help sustain his life force. Their collected voices are a steady cacophony of tormented cries in his mind, but he has come to enjoy their suffering in the wake of a new found affinity for cruelty. He revels now in it in the darkness of the abyss, thousands of years later, still searching for his love, feeling for any sign of her out there.

Somewhere in the darkest depths of what still may be called a heart in such a creature, he maintains hope that one day he will find her.

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The Damnation Chronicles, and this artwork are copyrighted (c) 2006-2012 Joseph Sweet and Forsaken Press tm All Rights Reserved

Credit for the space scene and galaxy photograph that was used for the background go to NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA) Those photos are public domain.

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