come a little closer by josephsweet

come a little closer

by josephsweet in photography

couple of years ago. it was in an old grill

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  • Lucifer


    omg i have arachnophobia but great capture!

    Feb 1st, 2013 Reply who wants a hug?
    • josephsweet


      I used to have a tarantula as a pet. I had a friend at the time who was arachnophobic. Ran into her at the mall and just barely escaped her really freaking out. Because i had just bought the tarantula and I had it in one of those carrying case things in a bag. I told her i just got a new pet and her face lit up, and then I said it's a tarantula and she went pale. I was just about to pull it out of the bag enough where she would have been able to see it, but I realized that she was already freaking out a bit. But it's messed p, because she apparently had a friend that decided to take her to see the movie arachnophobia, knowing that she had this serious phobia. I don't' know if you have ever seen that movie, but i would advice against it if you have a serious aversion to spiders. Just realized this is a long response to a small comment. I babble sometimes. sorry. :)

      Feb 1st, 2013 Reply
    • Lucifer


      yes i have seen this movie and it didnt make me good feeling at all but what helped me a bit was when i started taking pics of spiders because i had to go close to them but i focused to capture him well and sharp so i was thinking about my fear :)

      Feb 2nd, 2013 Reply who wants a hug?
    • josephsweet


      cool way to handle it

      Feb 3rd, 2013 Reply
    • Lucifer


      yes! :)

      Feb 3rd, 2013 Reply who wants a hug?
  • essencestudios


    oooooooo creepycute

    Feb 1st, 2013 Reply Crazy Cat Lady
  • JurgenDoe


    fabulous and nice capture

    Feb 1st, 2013 Reply Shadowness Staff