Shadowness - johnhayes My name is John, and I am a digital artist from South East London. My favourite type of art is abstract, although I'm open to all different genres and... en transcendence <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />This was my submission for Heartsurges 4th Exhibit: Awakening. It was a sweet release, check it out here: Twitter: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 20:03:10 -0400 Amalgamation <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />My piece for Heartsurge's Exhibit C. I couldn't upload the full sized wallpaper here because of the 2MB limit, if you want it head over to my deviantart :). Original size :: 9000x6000 px Cinema4d R11.5/Photoshop CS5 Extended Thu, 10 Mar 2011 09:23:34 -0500 Force <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />An application piece for Heartsurge. Had to rush to finish this tonight, as after tonight I'm pretty tied up and wouldn't have had time. You can find the wallpaper download and the renders I used to make these all on my dA. Hope you like :) Wallpaper Mon, 17 Jan 2011 19:14:50 -0500 Mixed Emotions <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Designed at 16x24" 300 DPI. I remember making this one, it wasn't fun at all. I was using my old computer, and the liquify filter made this piece take hours and hours longer than it should've due to lag. Not going to be a problem any more though :). Cinema4D R11.5 Photoshop CS5 Illustrator CS5 Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:24:22 -0500 Virion <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Designed at 16x24" 300 DPI. This was my first piece after about a 2 month break, so nothing special. It was also my first piece since upgrading to Photoshop/illustrator CS5. I have to say, I like them both a lot. Photoshop CS5 Illustrator CS5 Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:24:09 -0500 Versus <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />Designed @ 12x18" 300 DPI. The renders I used for this piece can be found for download on my dA, here: A tutorial was made based on my renders here too, which is quite cool. I didn't make it, but here it is anyway: Cinema4D R11.5 Photoshop CS4 Illustrator CS4 Hope you like! Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:16:21 -0500 The Recovery <a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />I made this one a while back, and the attention it got on dA was intense, for me at least haha. Still like it a lot myself. Cinema4D R11.5 Photoshop CS4 Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:16:15 -0500