Holly by jennaedesign


by jennaedesign in WIP

Portrait of my friend.
This is taking forever, and while I've found a nice technique for the skin, I haven't any idea how to tackle the hair. Any suggestions?

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  • leiko


    i found a few hair vectoring tutorials online which may help you http://www.vexels.net/tutorials.php

    but i know it is harder to do for dark hair, especially if you used a camera which wasn't able to capture the detailing in the hair due to the immense contrast of her skin and hair color. you may want to put the original photo into the program you are using, and see if adjusting the brightness and contrast will help you see the various highlights and midtones in the hair better. if not, you can look for pictures of people with similar hair online. if you don't have that issue, and the photo came out very detailed, then have fun =) hopefully the tuts help

    Aug 30th, 2007 Reply